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Full Honey Moon Spell Work

Since June's Full Honey Moon is upon us, I thought I would share a wonderful bit of Folk Magick with you all!

The Full Honey Moon is a perfect time to slow down and enjoy the sweet things that surround you. Seeds have been planted, the garden weeded, and new life is springing up everywhere - so time for some spell work!

Honey has been a long-standing magical ingredient for many years. It was a common offering in the ancient world, used to both sweeten and bind in spell and ritual work.

What areas in your life could use some sweetening? Does your relationship need some extra romance? Are you having a hard time with someone at work? Do you need some extra sweetness and self-care?

Meditate and look within - what areas in your life could be sweeter? It's time to craft a Honey Jar!

A Honey Jar is a sympathetic magic that makes your life sweeter. The magically charged honey seeps in, adding sweetness where it is needed most.

Honey Jars, also called Sweetening Jars, are a type of Folk Magic that is most often used in Hoodoo and Native American Magick. There are many ways to make and use a Honey Jar, some like to follow specific rules, and others like to use their intuition.

In traditional Spells do not use scissors when cutting your paper. (Scissors represent cutting something from your life, and today we are adding!)

As with many spells, it is best to only use an odd number of ingredients, and remember - the honey counts as one!

You will need:

· Small glass jar with metal lid

· Sweetener: Honey (preferred) sugar, syrup, karo, etc.

· Candle (You can use any color, but it's best to use one that matches your intention)

· Prayers or intention (Remember to tear your paper instead of cutting it!)

· Offerings (herbs, crystals, flowers, charms, pictures,)

You can use any herbs, crystals or charms that are match your personal intention. The offerings will get covered in honey and placed on your altar, so small pieces of crystals or unused charms work very well.

Below are some crystals and herbs that are commonly used in love and sweetening spells. These are just some ideas to get your started!

Herbs & Plants for Sweetness & Love:

Ambergris, Anise, Apple, Basil, Bergamot, Caraway, Cardamom, Carnation, Cherry, Cinnamon, Clove, Clover, Coriander, Crocus, Cypress, Daisy, Dill, Dragon's Blood, Freesia, Gardenia, Ginger, Hibiscus, Iris, Jasmine, Juniper, Lavender, Lilac, Lily, Lotus, Mullein, Orange Blossom, Peppermint, Primrose, Raspberry, Rose, Rosemary, Rue, Spearmint, Strawberry, Valerian, Vanilla, Vervain, Violet, Willow, Ylang-ylang, Zinnia

Crystals to enhance sweetness and love:

Agate, Alexandrite, Amber, Amazonite, Beryl, Celestite, Citrine, Emerald, Jade, Jasper, Lapis lazuli, Malachite, Moonstone, Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Topaz, Tourmaline, Turquoise, Zircon

For Offerings:

· If you are focusing this ritual on self-love, then you need only provide a charm in representation of yourself.

· If you are trying to sweeten a relationship, or add sweetness to your job or workplace you will need an offering that represents your work, or the other person/party.

· You can use pictures, writing, or a simple crystal or symbol that holds representation to you.

· Write your name on your piece of paper 3 times. If you are using this spell to enhance a relationship, write their name on top of your name either in a grid like pattern, or right over the top.

· Next write out your intention or prayer so that it surrounds your name(s), binding the name within the intention.

· It's important to keep your intention in the present tense. Example: "I love and accept myself exactly how I am. I honor my authentic nature and am a reflection of Divine Love."

· Roll your intention up and place it inside your jar.

· Sprinkle small crystals, flower petals, herbs and trinkets into your jar. You can repeat your intention out loud to add Spoken Word to this.

· This is an offering for yourself and the universe.

· If you are doing this Honey Jar to sweeten a relationship, now is the time to add any offerings representing the other person.

Creating your jar:

Pour your honey or sweetener of choice over your offering. As you pour the sweet liquid into your intentions, allow your heart to be filled with comfort and peace.

The honey is seeping into the corners and crevices of your offering, as well as into the areas it is needed in your life.

You can repeat your intention and prayer again at this time, ending with a "So Mote It Be, Blessed Be or a simple "Thank You."

Be sure to not over fill your jar as you don't want any honey seeping out. If you wish, you can seal your jar for good measure with wax. You can also decorate the outside of your jar to represent your intention.

Using melted candle wax, attach your candle to the top of your jar. Place your Honey Jar on your altar, making sure it is in a safe place for burning and wax melt.

Light it under the full moon.

Either let the candle burn itself out, or snuff it out when you are finished. (Do not blow it out)

Your Honey Jar can be kept and used over and over again and its magic will last several years. Your honey jar can be kept on your altar as an energy conductor and sacred reminder of your intention.

You can simply replace and light a new candle when your current one goes out.

If there ever is a time when you feel your spell is complete and you are ready to dispose of your Honey Jar, either bury it in your yard facing east or near a river. Be sure to thank the Earth for taking your offering.


*Borrowed with thanks from:

Photo - Naia Moonbrook

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