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Making Mari Lwyd

A fun papercraft for the whole family!

Items Needed:

Pattern printed on heavy stock paper

scissors / exact-o knife




misc. decorations (i.e. feathers, charms, googly eyes, bells, etc.)

dowel or stick

*Example of the assembled Mari Lwyd

Print out one or both of the Mari Lwyd patterns below and make her your own!

Tip #1 - Use card stock paper

You can certainly use regular printer paper, but if you have it on hand, the heavier stock paper will produce a better Mari Lwyd.

Tip #2 - Cut out and fold

Carefully cut out around the pattern. Be sure to cut out the solid black areas for the nose bone and mouth. (Adult supervision recommended).

Tip #3 - Decorate!

Mari Lwyd should be festive and fun. Add colors, ribbons, etc. To add patterns to her, I recommend drawing them on before folding into shape.

Tip #4 - Add your stick

She needs a dowel or stick for display

Tip #5 - Send us a pic!

Share your Mari Lwyd! We will be posting pics of all the lovely Mari Lwyds! Send your pictures to:

Happy Crafting!

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