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Slewfoot - Story Notes

I was so taken with Brom's 'Slewfoot' that I found myself taking notes throughout the story so I could look into them further. I simply had to find out how much of the story was based on established folk lore, and I was not disappointed.

This book is not just a pretty cover...

I was so disappointed to not find any reference to the plaque for the Old Sutton Meeting House. It seems so matter-of-fact I thought for sure it must be real. If it is I can't find anything that references, it - searched for several fruitless hours. However, I was thrilled to find a good bit of information on the Paw-Paw tree!

Abitha's hair braid from the women in her line had to be one of my favorite references in the book. How very awesome would it be to have a similar token to help focus your intentions!

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