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Fire of Azrael - Divinatory Flame

Beltane brings memories of rituals past ..... If you were part of the group who attended the Full Moon ritual we presented in March 2019, you are lucky to have attended the last ritual where Lady Aislion shared the Fire of Azrael Divination. She prepared the large cauldron in the center of the Temple, explaining what she was doing, adding the sandalwood, cedar and juniper before lighting the fire. She then slowly moved among the participants, weaving in and out of those sitting on the ground around the cauldron. She was wearing a long flowing skirt and caused a few gasps as she not only walked near - but stepped over the cauldron of flames! She assured you not to worry, the fire would not burn her, then she gave a completely unscripted divinatory meditation. It is a cherished memory of beautiful magick. I've often been saddened that we didn't video that night, but I think it would have lost the energy of the moment. Anyway, I wanted to share this memory as an introduction to using the divination method called the Fire of Azrael.

In an excerpt from, The Cotswold Coven, website post they write: I had read about this strange divinatory fire in Dion Fortune’s book ‘The Sea Priestess’. Like most of her novels there are numerous occult references and layers of meaning, which do not necessarily become obvious on a first reading.

The heroine: ‘took the poker in her hand and pushed the flaming driftwood to either side, and in the hollow center thus left she piled the woods of the Fire of Azrael. Then we sat and watched them take the flame. And in those hours while the tide rose there was delivered to me things whereof but few have dreamed and fewer still have known, and I learned why Troy was burnt for a woman‘.

Dion Fortune’s ‘recipe’ consists of cedar, sandalwood and juniper. All the woods are resinous and so lighting them is easy. Once the flames begin to flare up, gaze into the fire and let your mind focus on what you see without any effort – don’t TRY to see anything, just let it happen, enjoy the beauty of the fire and relax.

For the full post follow this link: Fire of Azrael

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